Annuals Overture

Annuals Overture, 30 x 22″ watermedia on paper, discovered in my paper cabinet–a sketch for a more refined painting, painted many years ago.  I love and wanted to depict the total immersion of flowers to be found in a European flower market.

Elliott 18 Months, or The Imp

The Imp, 12 x 12″ transparent Richeson watercolor on Ampersand Claybord

John Singer Sargent: “A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth.”  I laugh every time I think of him saying this, as he was such a master of portraiture.  It is both a curse and a blessing that WAS-H’s take-in is tomorrow so I have to stop and sign it!

Mayville PA Depot 1898

Another sketch/line drawing from a Mayville, NY photo circa 1898.  Summer is coming–we shall soon paint these historic drawings together!

Mayville Bobsled Circa 1900

In preparation for historic line drawings that my students will paint at Mayville Watercolors at the Depot this summer, I’m sketching from old photos, then creating line drawings. In addition to watercolor immersion classes, we will offer simple paint-in-the-lines classes all summer.  Here is one we’ll paint at classes on July 24 & 25.  Check out

Summer Bounty 2

Summer Bounty 2, 20 x 16″ transparent watercolor on Richeson paper, April 2018 Honorable Mention at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston

Summer Bounty

Summer Bounty, 16 x 20″ transparent watercolor on Richeson watercolor paper

Poppies at the Lake 2

Poppies at the Lake 2, 14 x 11″ watermedia on paper, class demo

Fantasy Garden 3

Fantasy Garden 3, 14 x 11″ transparent watercolor on Richeson wc paper