Tree Fantasy 5, Demo for Lisa

Enjoyed a painting lesson with a dear friend in Minneapolis this week.  After a few final touches this now resides in a private collection in Stillwater, MN.Tree Fantasy 5

10 thoughts on “Tree Fantasy 5, Demo for Lisa”

    1. Dwayne, this is one of my favorite paintings to teach how to have fun with the materials. Wait till you see how easy it is to make the branches–I’m not going to spoil the surprise but you’ll laugh when you see how it is done.

  1. Hi Susan…The Tree painting is fresh and lively with color. I like it!!
    Miss you…Sounds like your painters were just so anxious for you to get there and start painting. You are amazing !!!

  2. Susan is a spectacular teacher and painter, too of course.. She just got me so excited about learning about painting that I’m thinking I have a new hobby.

    1. Watercolor lessons should come with a disclaimer: paint at your own risk of obsession because once you begin it will forever more alter the way you see things. It seldom remains a hobby; it often becomes a passion.

  3. Loved your recent tree painting! I remember your demo at WASH of a tree painting. Have a great summer…

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