News Team Painting Progress Slideshow

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My recent little 11 x 14″ oil painting was a chance to paint some favorite models using materials I rarely play with:  oils.  Because a friend recommended Gamblin oil paints, they are so buttery I don’t have to use solvents, even when I clean brushes.  They wash with Lava soap and water!  Oh, AND between painting sessions I keep my palette from drying out by storing it in our old garage freezer!

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  1. Hi Susan, So nice to hear from you! It sounds and looks like you have been busy. I really like your sailboats and daisies. They are so expressive. Did I tell you that I took Stephen Quiller’s workshop at the ranch in Colorado? It was great and I loved the ranch. He is a great teacher and he is so kind. I bought his DVD and I am almost finished doing all the assignments. Now that is a real learning experience, mixing all those pigments! WOW! It is amazing how you can match almost any color with those twelve colors. Well, continue your great summer and we will have to get together when you return. Sylvia C.

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