Get ready to use another unusual tool to create a shimmery impressionistic effect called Pointillism. To begin we will borrow a beautiful image originally painted by André Derain who died in 1954.

This painting was painted during a summer when Derain was hanging out with fellow painters de Vlaminck and Henri Matisse on the Gulf of Lyon in a town named Collioure . This painting is called “Vue de Collioure”. All 3 of these painters are favorites of mine because I love color and love the way they made bold marks on their papers and canvas.

Here’s the challenge: Paint with a small tool, make small marks. I’m trying out qtips as my painting tool, just for fun. If that doesn’t work for you, I’d like to suggest a small brush. Here’s my start:

Upcoming challenges….
My future painting challenges will be approx. every 3rd day. I’m getting some great feedback and I hear some of these challenges take more than a day to complete. Some of you like to try a few paintings of each technique. Have more time? Go back and repaint previous challenges. This time, use some of your own photo references and try the same techniques with them!

Stay tuned for more fun! Invite your friends! We have kids from 3 to 95 painting with us. And don’t forget….email (don’t text) your paintings…

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