Welcome! Today’s challenge is a bit experimental and I have little doubt you will obtain more interesting results than I had time to do…I’ll get you started and you can go on from here.

First, I suggest either use watercolor paper in a block (that is, glued the whole way around the tablet) or tape a piece of watercolor paper onto a support (plexi, wood, foam core, even cardboard). I like to be able to pick it up and move it around so I generally don’t tape it down to the table. Because we will be doing a very wet wash, this will keep even thin watercolor paper from making wet valleys when it is extra wet.

Begin by wetting the entire paper. Pick a color (or 2 or 3), cover the paper with paint. I like to have rather light color and lots of water.

Once the paper is covered and very wet, take wadded up cellophane or thin plastic wrap and place it onto the paper. Weigh it down with a few objects and allow it to dry. (takes a while…

Once dry, lift off the plastic. You should have interesting marks. These can be used as guides to paint and/or paint around. I painted a few of the interesting shapes with color.

Because I hurried mine so I could get this challenge out to you, I didn’t finish it. I went one more step: I created a dark puddle of paint and dabbed some newsprint into the puddle, then printed it over my dried colors. I’m on my way to building up an interesting and complex painting. I may paint into it, create some lines with markers or pens. Will I take it too far and make a mess? Perhaps. However, the worst thing that can possibly happen is: I waste a piece of paper!

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