Coronavirus Challenge Vol. 6: painting your collage

Are you painting yet? Feel free to scroll down on my website and paint my previous challenges. Challenge Vol 6 is a followup to Vol. 4, the collage on index cards challenge. I’m hoping you’ve given this one a try because it is a lot of fun, but it takes time. Have you done a few of these yet? If not, get busy! Here’s that challenge.

Here is one beautiful collage by Laurie H and I’m wondering if it will turn into a painting? If not, it is a beautiful piece just the same!

And here is my step-by-step process using one of my index card collages as a reference, painted in acrylics. It is a painting I never would have thought of had I not done these clipping collages.

Here are some great results from previous challenges. So many people appreciate being able to see these so keep them coming–just email them to me and I’ll post them as I am able.

Thank you for the comments–I love that you’re enjoying some painting time. We have more than 200 folks painting along! Feel free to invite your friends. More challenges are on their way so stay tuned….

Now, get busy, get off the internet, start painting!

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Challenge Vol. 6: painting your collage”

  1. I was going to make some masks with my local sewing store Super Stitch but I was told that I had to confirm that no one was sick, no one smoked, and that we didn’t have pets. I have 2 cats so I was not permitted to make them to distribute, only for myself. I just wanted you to be aware of the protocol

    1. Interesting. Still, if we make them for ourselves at least it will keep us from touching our face.

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