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Today you’ll need
1) old fashioned index cards or pieces of paper 3 x 5″ or 4 x 6″
2) magazines, old print material (calendars, cards, mail, etc.), bits of wrapping paper or even bits of fabric
3) scissors
4) glue

**Warning: This exercise, at least for me, can turn in to hours of designing interesting compositions. It could, in fact, become a bit of an obsession, creating interesting small collages. (I’m thinking of you, Claudia, Lyn and Suzan). It can also lead to saving many pieces of mailers, junk mail and print material from now on that you otherwise would have thrown away. I must not be held responsible for your future obsessions or collections (hehe

When you have a challenge finished, feel free to snap a cellphone pic so I can post to our GALLERY. Just EMAIL them to me.

Challenge Vol. 4 Instructions:
A. Find some interesting patterns and beautiful colors in magazines and cut out a pile of favorite bits. Try to cut out pieces that are unrecognizable away from their original context. (Don’t cut out recognizable elements like flowers, symbols, etc. We want just shapes, patterns, color. Let’s make this an abstract.) Once you have a nice pile of pieces, begin to arrange them onto an index card. Once you have placed a pleasing arrangements of shapes and colors, glue them down.

B. Create a painting using your index card design as your thumbnail sketch. Feel free to alter your painting to suit your taste. Add lines, texture, change elements a bit to suit your taste. You can make it any size using any media.

Because this is a 2 step process and because you may want to create several small compositions before beginning to paint, I will consider this a multiple day challenge. I will be back with Challenge Vol. 5 on the weekend. Stay tuned….and don’t forget to share this with anyone who might enjoy it! Let’s keep painting…

Here we go!