Monet painted such beautiful large paintings of his pond in Giverny and you can create a beautiful, scribbly and loose painting if you just allow yourself to get a little messy. In fact, you might create an underpainting in some areas to create larger forms, allow that to dry, then go back and put small marks on top.

Remember Challenge Volume 2? This time we will keep our small brushes going so we can continue to create impressionism along with another master, Claude Monet. Don’t feel like you must copy his painting exactly. If you want impressionistic marks just hold your small brush out at the end of the handle, dance it while you paint rather than choking it down at the ferrule.

Use any media–watercolor, acrylics, on paper or canvas–whatever you have. Any size you want. Let’s just get started!!

It seems a good idea to first create a very pale sketch with pale blue paint where you’ll place the shapes on the picture plane. Then jump in and paint!

A shout out to my sweetie Bruce who married me 24 years ago today. We are still having a blast together. Here, we visited the l’Orangerie in fall 2018. What a wonderful trip.

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Bonus! My friend Deb Eck from western NY has posted a great how-to video, how to make a Zine! A great project for any age! Click on her image, below.