I learn something every time I watch someone paint a painting. Many videos on YouTube are well worth a view and yesterday I discovered one by master painter Charles Evans in the UK. This is a 35 minutes full of unique and interesting techniques. Pay no attention to the colors, brands, papers, etc. Just watch his techniques as he does a light drawing, washes in a sky, builds his painting. Notice how unimportant the colors are and how important the values are!

Here’s the link to Charles’ video. Remember, it is perfectly ok to copy someone and learn from their demo. Just don’t put your name on it and claim it as your own. Want to make it your own? I figure if the person who created the original painting doesn’t recognize mine as a copy of his because I changed mine so much, I can put my name on it and claim it as my own. Do you agree?

Coming up on Wednesdays in April: my online zoom classes:

  1. how to set up a store and sell artwork online.
  2. how to edit photos of your artwork with your mobile phone or ipad so they look like your paintings

    Even if you aren’t interested in doing a store right now, you’re welcome to watch as we stumble through our first live session (haha

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