Coronavirus Challenge Vol 11: Mini Paintings

Today I received this adorable image:

Which gave me a really fun idea! You could do any or all of these:

  1. Simply recreate some favorite paintings in miniature form (Hint: Pinterest is a great resource. So is Google Arts and Culture
  2. Print out some black and white photos of family or friends, cut out their faces and add them to some favorite paintings
  3. Print out images of your favorite pet(s) and add them to your favorite paintings

NOTE: Why are we doing these? True these challenges are not intended as painting masterpieces. However, it never hurts to have a little fun with our paintbrushes. Every time we paint we learn = win/win!

Coming up: LIVE Zoom classes! Woohoo!

One thought on “Coronavirus Challenge Vol 11: Mini Paintings”

  1. This is so fun ..thank you for your inpiration and time..your a blessing ..I have done a few of them and enjoy them.,however I had a booboo when I tried the watercolor wash weighed design so I combined it with cutting out cards from my friends when my dad past away and it turned out cute thank you ❤

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