Not watercolor this time. There is a growing need for face masks. This is a challenge for those with a sewing machine and a stash of cloth, heavy tee shirts to recycle and some ribbon or elastic. You can help your household prepare and even make a difference in your community! There is a shortage of masks and an urgent need. Unlike most commercial masks, these are reuse-able once sanitized! Must be handled with care once used; sanitization is crucial. You might be surprised about their efficacy. Details below include CDC and Forbes’ articles…

FORBES magazine’s article: Calling All People Who Sew And Make: You Can Help Make Masks For 2020 Healthcare Worker PPE Shortage

CDC‘s details how to make homemade masks when commercially available masks are not available. Take note how to sanitize heavy tee shirt material.

Research details about best fabrics HERE. Turns out tee shirt and pillowcase material are the most breathable, effective fabrics. Better yet, if you have HEPA vacuum cleaner bags they’d be even better.

Specific sewing instructions for masks HERE. Scroll thru this entire page for helpful info, photos and downloadable instructions

If you look around you’ll even find some mask instructions with no sewing. The CDC says even a bandana is better in a crisis than no face mask at all.

I have received several notes saying your shared paintings are helpful and enjoyable for others to see.  Please share your artwork! Here is the GALLERY

Coming up: more art challenges. Know folks who might want to participate? Just send me an email:

Stay safe & well!