Poem by Brenda Webley based on my painting, “Chromatic Variations”

Soulful Tune

Soulful tune of the violin

so profoundly moving

heart’s bursting to sing.

© Zebra Dreaming 2014

Thank you Brenda Webley for writing this poem based on my painting

–Susan Giannantonio

[Artwork: ‘Chromatic Variations’ by Susan Giannantonio on Etsy]

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4 thoughts on “Poem by Brenda Webley based on my painting, “Chromatic Variations””

  1. Your art is beautiful and inspirational Susan.

    The words flowed as soon as I saw this lovely painting of yours.

    I am touched that you wanted to post my poem – thank you.

  2. Both are very beautiful the art and the poem. I’ve seen the art in person and I love it Susan, you’re such a great artist. 🙂

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