Paint with us

Upcoming virtual and in-person classes and workshops are listed below.  Join us!  Our focus is always to have FUN!

Artistic Discovery Series

Tuesday Afternoons, 1 to 3 Central

Sessions (4 weeks each)
Color: October 26 – November 16, 2021
Marks: November 30 – December 21
Steal Like an Artist: January 4 – 25, 2022

Tuesday classes will encourage you to investigate YOUR favorite colors, marks, designs.  Each week will explore a photo reference in several unique ways so that each artist can discover and refine your artistic vision.

Exploring Abstracts in Acrylics and Mixed Media

Thursday Afternoons
October 28 thru November 18
1 to 3 Central

Could we possibly have more fun than this?! Non-objective and abstract, intuitive painting.  We will begin with a demo of how to prepare surfaces (i.e. gesso application), set up an acrylic palette and look at types of substrates (paper, canvas, board, even old paintings!)  Through progressive assignments, experience many ways of putting marks and paint onto surfaces with exercises to help the artist loosen up and play.
The object is:
1) discover styles, marks, colors that YOU love and
2) make note of those discoveries as you evolve your own style.

Artistic Discovery Module 1
Color Preferences

4 Tuesdays, October 26 to November 16
1 to 3 pm Central

Our goal is to experiment with limited palettes and discover some favorite color combinations as we paint from provided reference photos.


Artistic Discovery Module 2:
Favorite Marks

4 Tuesdays, november 30 to december 21
1 to 3 pm Central

Our goal is to experiment with a variety of brushes and mark-making tools to discover and establish favorites as we paint from provided reference photos. 


Artistic Discovery Module 3:
Stealing Like an Artist

Tuesdays, January 4 thru 25, 2022
1 to 3 pm Central

Our goal is to identify one artist you absolutely love.  Once done, we will guide you toward borrowing aspects of his/her work and make them your own.


Each week we will do:

4 small paintings

Week 1: Landscape
Week 2: Still life
Week 3: Floral
Week 4: Non-objective

Supply List

Your favorite watermedia

A sketchbook journal is encouraged
Please email Susan for specifics