Technology Classes for Artists

 4 Weeks of Computer Training
No Artist Wants to Misscomputer photo

Susan Giannantonio and Karen Stopnicki, instructors
4 consecutive Wednesdays beginning October 29
10 a.m. to 12 noon

1601 W. Alabama
Houston, TX  77006

$75 per individual session, $65 if you register 2 weeks prior to class
*Tutor sessions available, see below.Watercolor Art Society-Houston

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Classes are stand-alone, a la carte.  Choose whichever week(s) you prefer.

How does technology play into your art world? Get a grip on technology with this series… we will help you discover how to use technology to achieve specific goals. You can use the Internet for so much, from research, inspiration and education, learning about and following fellow artists to sharing and selling your own art. Today, many of us have multiple devices from computers to smart phones and tablets to digital cameras. Learn how to use each of these tools to your advantage to maximize your artistic life and even create your own online presence.

Class 1: A Multitude of Small, Important Computer Lessons
October 29, 2014; 10am to noon

 Our first meeting will be packed full of important websites, organizational techniques and a brief overview of many valuable online resources. Whether you paint, teach or simply love to look at artwork you won’t want to miss this first class. We will touch upon MANY subjects:

1) Web basics. How to locate, bookmark & organize bookmarks of artists’ sites, art suppliers, instructional sites, videos so you can find them when you want them.

2) Resources for images, art research and painting inspiration. There is a wealth of artwork to be seen on the internet! Learn how to locate, enjoy it & find it again. 

3) Intro to Social Media. What? Why? How?

4) Sources for online training. Keep learning! Art classes and continued computer training to meet your needs.

 Class 2: Basic Photographing, Photo editing, Watermarks
November 5, 2014; 10am to noon 


Get the basics of how to photograph your art for the purposes of archiving and for entering competitions. It is important for artists to keep an archive of work if only with your cellphone camera. We will discuss options from quick mobile phone shots to professional scans. Basic photo editing to crop, enhance and save as specific format. Plus learn how to add a watermark to identify and protect your work.

Classes 3 & 4: Create Your Own Online Presence in Two Weeks!

November 12 and 19, 2014; 10am to noon ($150 for the block, $130 if you register 2 weeks prior to class start)

Step-by-step instructions to help you establish your very own online presence. We’ll cover both blogs and basic websites, finding and using easy DIY tools to do either yourself, and elements that should be included in your online presence. You’ll learn how to continue to add content whenever you wish, plus some tips, tricks and best practices.

 *Perhaps you would benefit from a private tutorial? Individual, one-on-one, one hour tutor sessions will be available after each of these 4 classes from Noon-1pm. Because these hour-long private sessions are limited to 2 instructors, book early!

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