We can’t promise $90 million like David Hockney’s painting which sold last week at Christies but you might consider setting up a store on  Learn a few steps and you’ll join other watercolor/watermedia artists who put their gems on the market for art lovers far and wide to discover.  Ask Barbara Clay who recently sold a beautiful painting on the site—it is a great feeling!  Makes you want to paint more masterpieces!

I’d like to show you around the site. At WAS-H I will be offering a one hour (plus a ½ hour Q&A) demo on 2 separate dates.  I will show you the simple work flow to set up your store.  With for a small monthly fee ( Basic Seller, $10/month, cancel at any time), you’ll receive 100% of the sale price.  Basic Sellers get free business cards (offer through 2018).

Not sure you’re ready for a Basic Seller membership? Try us for 3 months for only  $5, see how the site works.

For specifics and to register for free demo:

Thursday evening, November 29:

Sunday afternoon, December 9:

Want to take a look around the site and view much of what I’ll be showing at the demo?  We have videos to get you started!

Blog posts will answer a lot of questions!

Don’t keep this a secret—Please share this opportunity with any artist who might be interested.

Happy Thanksgiving!