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Katy Studio Class Artwork This Week

Everyone had a unique, impressionistic take on this still life!  Bravo artists!

Studio Classes Jan-March 2016, Katy, TX

My Garden Array, 22 x 30" transparent watercolor on paper
My Garden Array, 22 x 30″ transparent watercolor on paper

Studio Classes
Mondays, 1:00 to 3:30 pm
Katy, TX

February 1 – 29:  Post Impressionism-Freedom of Color and Design (with Watercolor and Gouache)
March 7 – 21:  Abstraction and Collage with Acrylics (see below)

Post Impressionism–Freedom of Color and Design

5 Mondays in February
Beginning Monday, February 1, 1 to 3:30 in my home studio

Be inspired by the stunning work of the masters, then try out their loose, brilliant approach to design and color. It may well give you the confidence you are looking for in your own work.  Fun exercises abound each week.  Homework & critique encouraged; all levels and abilities welcome.  Honest.  You will feel right at home.

We will look at paintings by Vuillard, Bonnard, Sargent, Homer, Gauguin, Cezanne, Trevena.

Reply to this post and please let me know which days you would like to join in.  As you know, my space is small. (my website scheduler is on the fritz). Each session is a stand-alone lesson so come when you can.

March Classes
Looking ahead,
March classes will feature acrylics of all kinds from inks to heavy body acrylics.  Some weeks will explore collage and nonrepresentational fun!

Know someone who might be interested?  Pass the word!

Studio Class Poppies

These are my Studio Artist/Students’ poppy paintings from earlier this week.  A lesson on masking.  Aren’t they grand?!

P1070778 P1070779

February 2015 Artwork by Katy Studio Class

Click on an image to see the watercolor fun we’ve had so far in 2015!

Channeling Sargent in Class Today, Jan. 20, 2015

We tried to get a little loosened up.  Sloppy isn’t our nature but we need to push past those urges to be neat and let the paint flow!  Here we go—

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Students Outdid Themselves This Week!

Wrapping up our Spring John Singer Sargent studies, our aim in my classes was to deconstruct a few of his watercolors, try our hand at his techniques, and attempt to apply them to our own favorite reference material.  Here are just a few beautiful works from my students:

Some work done in class:

Students Study Sargent
Students Study Sargent


Sylvia Cameron did an amazing job of trying her hand at 2 of Sargent’s beautiful paintings:

P1040282 P1040283

Making Marks the John Singer Sargent Way

We danced our brush around the page, my students and I yesterday.  We used several of his techniques and tried our best to make watercolor marks that J.S. Sargent might have made:

Katy Student Work 33120143Katy Student Work 33120141 Katy Student Work 33120142 Katy Student Work 33120144 Katy Student Work 33120145

Katy Painting Class: Sargent’s Marks

Looking closely at John Singer Sargent’s work, in my class last week we practiced strong color and used a variety of small, loosely applied brushstrokes.Sargent marks 2

Sargent marks 3

Sargent marks 1

Jackie painted and brought in a bedoin for critique, and captured Sargent’s interesting loose marks and strong values well.Jackies Bedoin

Jamie Channels Sargent

My sister Jamie Trask painted with us on Monday in my Katy, TX watercolor class.  This was her first watercolor experience since grade school.  The whole class was such fun and more pics of other artists’ work  will soon be posted.  But for now, Introducing Jamie’s slideshow!

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