Wax Test

Believe it or not, this abstract painting utilizes several techniques used by John Singer Sargent!  Another Art Fair painting….

Wax Test painting
Wax Test, 8 x 10 watercolor and graphite on paper

Not Soup Yet

It is fun to pull out painting exercises from past years and get them ready for the Art Fair next weekend!  I remember this from a painting class when we looked at reflection, plus the challenges of those transparent layers of onion.

8 x 10" transparent watercolor
Not Soup Yet, 8 x 10″ transparent watercolor

Art Fair Quartet 2014

Click on an image to view four small abstracts for the upcoming Art Fair 2014 at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston, March 15 from 11 to 6  —


Villa Régalido Breakfast Sketch

Regalido Breakfast watercolor
Villa Regalido Breakfast Sketch, 7.5 x 6.5″ transparent watercolor sketch on paper

If, Then

A few watercolor techniques used by John Singer Sargent were used here, but playfully abstract.

If, Then watercolor painting
If, Then, 8 x 10″ watermedia on paper


Tree Fantasy 3 Demo

These fantasy trees seem to paint themselves.  A nice way to practice texture techniques with watercolor.

Tree Fantasy 3 demo
14 x 11″ transparent watercolor, Watercolor Art Society-Houston demo