Animals & Birds

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch, 19 x 14″ transparent watercolor on paper


A couple of years ago in May a scarlet tanager was following me around from flower bed to flower bed as I added new mulch.  It sounded to me like he had a mind of his own!

Bossy, 16 x 12" transparent watercoor on watercolor board
Bossy, 16 x 12″ transparent watercoor on watercolor board

My Boys

My Boys, 22 x 30" watercolor on paper
My Boys, 22 x 30″ watercolor on paper

This big painting was a great deal of fun because these are 2 of my favorite subjects and I know them both well.  I began with a rough sketch on Day 1, laid in some sloppy washes and blocked in forms.  On Day 2, I did some botanical parts and hair texture on both models and finally on Day 3 (yesterday) I did the easier parts–flowers and clothing.  All in all my biggest challenge was to leave it alone and call it finished.  It is a good thing today is the show deadline!!

News Team Painting Progress Slideshow

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My recent little 11 x 14″ oil painting was a chance to paint some favorite models using materials I rarely play with:  oils.  Because a friend recommended Gamblin oil paints, they are so buttery I don’t have to use solvents, even when I clean brushes.  They wash with Lava soap and water!  Oh, AND between painting sessions I keep my palette from drying out by storing it in our old garage freezer!

News Team

Alla prima oil painting of my favorite News Team:

11 x 14" oil on canvas
News Team, 11 x 14″ oil on canvas

Who’s Walking By?

Mr. Beasley posed for my watercolor sketch yesterday, watching the blue heron strategizing how to get to the fish in our pond.

Who's Walking By? watercolor
Who’s Walking By?, 9 x 6 watercolor sketch

Home Soon

Home Soon
“Home  Soon,” 9 x 6 watercolor sketch