Pause for Thought

Pause for Thought, 17 x 13 1/2″ mixed watermedia on illustration board



Nevertheless, 14 x 11" mixed watermedia on illustration board. Nevertheless is an exploration of wonderful textures achieved by playfully applying a mixture of paint mediums to the substrate, then allowing the imagination to take over. Used in this very textural piece...


Release, 30 x 24″ watermedia collage on gallery-wrapped canvas
Painted today because my brushes were desperate to get busy after being shut in. What a great feeling!
Available HERE

Coronavirus Challenge Vol. 9: Abstracting Exercise

Today’s challenge is a really fun idea, courtesy my friend Cathy Nieman and I can’t wait to get started on this myself today. Remember, an abstraction takes a recognizable image and transforms it in an imaginary way to create something new. Here’s Cathy’s great idea:

Magazines or coloring book pages
Glue or glue stick
Plain paper
Pencil, markers or crayons

Find magazine image or coloring book page
Cut image in half or use part of an image or drawing
Glue a piece onto your drawing paper
Draw the other half. Unleash your imagination!
Paint if you wish or transfer the idea to a watercolor paper. Have fun! Add collage! Add lines, markers, get silly!
Hint: put the original source page away so you’re not tempted to just recreate the original design

Cathy’s idea to get us started. This is going to be fun!

Our March gallery has gotten so large, we’ve created a new gallery for April! Check both of them out HERE

Posey Party Demo

Posey Party Demo was begun during a demo last month for a local art league, finished up in my studio. Lots of watermedia in here. Fun stuff!

Posey Party Demo, 22 x 15″ mixed watermedia on Richeson paper