Thursday That Week

Thursday That Week, 20 x 16″ watermedia collage on paper

Great Deal on Watercolor Toys!

Check out these fun watercolor tools on (below).  This is a great price for a whole kit of items that will enable you to explore new textures and techniques.  Click HERE for information.

Sunday December 2: Make Holiday Cards/Small Paintings + Gold Leaf!

Sunday, December 2 at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston we will be creating holiday cards and experimenting with collage, gold leaf and mixed media.  Join us!  Click HERE for information and to register.


2 Demos: Learn About


We can’t promise $90 million like David Hockney’s painting which sold last week at Christies but you might consider setting up a store on  Learn a few steps and you’ll join other watercolor/watermedia artists who put their gems on the market for art lovers far and wide to discover.  Ask Barbara Clay who recently sold a beautiful painting on the site—it is a great feeling!  Makes you want to paint more masterpieces!

I’d like to show you around the site. At WAS-H I will be offering a one hour (plus a ½ hour Q&A) demo on 2 separate dates.  I will show you the simple work flow to set up your store.  With for a small monthly fee ( Basic Seller, $10/month, cancel at any time), you’ll receive 100% of the sale price.  Basic Sellers get free business cards (offer through 2018).

Not sure you’re ready for a Basic Seller membership? Try us for 3 months for only  $5, see how the site works.

For specifics and to register for free demo:

Thursday evening, November 29:

Sunday afternoon, December 9:

Want to take a look around the site and view much of what I’ll be showing at the demo?  We have videos to get you started!

Blog posts will answer a lot of questions!

Don’t keep this a secret—Please share this opportunity with any artist who might be interested.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Everyone Else is Already Taken

Everyone Else is Already Taken, 24 x 20 acrylic on canvas

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic quote, “Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.”  We went to see the movie, “The Happy Prince” and have had Wilde on my mind…

Symphony Resurrected

Symphony Resurrected, 24 x 18″ mixed watermedia on paper

Beasley’s Snooze Sketch

Beasley’s Snooze, 6 x 9″ watercolor 15 minute sketch. Tryiing to work fast and paint often!