Cezanne’s Pansies

Cezanne’s Pansies, 14 x 10″ painting in 20 x 16″ archival mat. Available HERE

Do you think it is helpful to show a painting in a room setting to give it context? Feedback is welcome!

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Another Piece of the Puzzle
Another Piece of the Puzzle available HERE

My art store

Check out my store at https://watermediagallery.com/store/susangiannantonio/
Check out my store!

My artwork is available on www.watermediagallery.com, a handy place for artists to network, show and sell their paintings. In fact, more and more artists are joining the site and traffic continues to grow. If you are interested in learning more about the site, don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is susangiannantonio@comcast.net.

Floral & Landscape Painting Workshop Weekend Nov. 16 & 17

Join me at the Watercolor Art Society – Houston for a weekend exploring new techniques to achieve gestural and painterly florals and landscapes. Click HERE to register. We are going to have FUN!

Sketching in Bordeaux Sept. 26-Oct. 7, 2019

It was such a lovely, busy and delicious trip and here are my sketches, unedited. There is never enough time to finish a painting because it is always a rush but the important thing is to get a flavor/glimpse/hint of a few things along the way. The important thing is to create a memory. Click to see full images.

Winter Tangles

This painting painted itself. I’ve not lived in snow for many years but the memories certainly rush back, all those walks in the woods up Totten Hollow in Bradford, PA!

Blue Inventions Reinvented

This was called finished in February but I didn’t sign it, mat & frame it. So when it crossed my drafting table once again I couldn’t resist a few tweaks here & there. These nonrepresentational paintings could be changed a million times–such a fun way to paint: intuitively.

Blue Inventions Reinvented, 16 x 12″ mixed watermedia on paper in 20 x 16″ archival mat