Ready, Set, Go

Ready Set Go
Ready, Set, Go, 27 x 21″ transparent watercolor on rough paper

The painting was barely finished, almost wet as I framed it and rushed it to the Watercolor Art Society-Houston this morning!

Cranky Degas

Yesterday I was invited to a tour/lecture at the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston’s exhibit from Williams College.  Degas, it turns out, was an antisemite, grouchy, cranky and disagreeable but he surely could capture a scene.  Almost voyeuristic.  My 5 minute sketch of his sculpture while standing in a gallery during the lecture:

Degas dancer
Degas quick sketch at MFA,H

Home Soon

Home Soon
“Home  Soon,” 9 x 6 watercolor sketch

Thelma Terwilliger

Thelma Terwilliger
When approaching the sketchbook, sometimes it is fun to see what (or in this case, who) comes out of the other end of the brush.–SG.   “Thelma Terwilliger,” 9 x 6″ sketch.



Morning Ritual

“Morning Ritual,” watercolor sketch inspired by Vuillard, Bonnard

Morning Ritual
Morning Ritual, 9 x 6″ watercolor sketch, Jan 23, 2014


Post Impressionism Painting Class, February and March 2014

Sign up for a wonderful, colorful, fast-paced class at the Watercolor Art Society-Houston
Astonish Yourself with the Paintings You Paint!

Post Impressionism–Freedom of Color and Design

Susan Giannantonio, 281 347-9043
Tuesdays 1 to 4 p.m.  $150/session.  $140 if you register at least 2 weeks prior to classes!
Session 1: Feb. 4, 11, 18 and 25.  Session 2: March 18, 25, April 1, 8.

Be inspired by the stunning work of the masters, then try out their loose, brilliant approach to design and color. It may well give you the confidence you are looking for in your own work.  Demos in multi media and fast-paced, fun exercises abound each week.  You may work in watercolor and/or acrylic.  Homework & critique encouraged; all levels and abilities welcome.
Just a few amazing paintings from last spring’s class critiques:
Want to see more?  Check out my previous posts on this blog!

Daily Sketch Corner

Experimenting with materials. Tapping into my innner child. Playtime!

Current Events

Sold.  “Confetti Caper,” 22 x 15″ acrylic on paper.  April 2014 Monthly Show at Watercolor Art  Society-Houston.

Confetti Caper, watermedia on paper
Confetti Caper, watermedia on paper


3 Ribbons at KCAM Show
3 Ribbons at the Katy Contemporary Art Museum (KCAM)‘s Katy Area Artists Winter Show, January 2014!

Ribbon award at Katy Contemporary Art Museum

Online Marketing Basics for Artists Class at WAS-H!


Watercolor Art Society-Houston

1601 West Alabama

Houston, TX  77006
713 942-9966

Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16; 9:00 am – 1 pm

Susan Giannantonio, instructor

$100, $90 ($10 off) if you register at least 2 weeks before class
Questions?  Click here: Email Contact
An introduction to photography & editing, archiving your painting history, marketing your work, watermarks (securing your work online), SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or how to be “found” online”).  We will look at the tremendous wealth of artwork now available to view online.  We will look at examples of free or low-cost ways to archive and market your artwork: Etsy, Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn and more.

Register HERE

“Every new painting is like throwing myself into the water without knowing how to swim.” – Édouard Manet. "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." – Vincent Van Gogh

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