Mayville Watercolors, My Tiny Gallery

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Across the street from the Chautauqua County courthouse at the only streetlight in Mayville, NY is a tiny brick building, built in 1824.  My student and friend Laurie Cummings and I are having the time of our lives transforming this 16 x 16′ space into a gallery.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2This very special (almost) 200 year old building’s interior has original exposed brick and stucco. Check out the old wall safe, complete with casters, built right into the wall!


In in the next few days we will be open for business selling artwork painted by my local students and myself. We welcome neighbors, art lovers and friends and plan to paint and enjoy this space all summer long!

Here are some photos of friends working hard to make this gallery happen. Thank you Darlene and Tim from the Sweet Spot next door (Best lunch in town!), and thank you Tim, Laurie and Bruce for all your help.

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7 thoughts on “Mayville Watercolors, My Tiny Gallery”

  1. This is so neat. We just returned from a trip to Colorado where we stopped in the small town of Mancos. There is an artists co-op there in an old bank building with a great bakery-cafe next door. Terrific art from all media. So fun! Good luck with yours.

  2. So very cool and exciting! I am happy for you and look forward to hearing of your progress!

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