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Susan Giannantonio is a watermedia artist and instructor. She lives in Mayville, NY and Katy, TX with her #1 patron Bruce Winquist and her doggies Mr. Beasley and Sadie.

August 15 & 16 Monet Paintings–What a Show!

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Tuesday and Wednesday’s classes produced such beautiful paintings!



Aug 14 Monet Water Lilies

The class yesterday channeled Monet using acrylics on canvas.  I know I keep saying this day after day but everyone did a wonderful job!  Bravo!

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August 11 Sunset Paintings!

More beautiful paintings at Mayville Watercolors:

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Chautauqua Sunsets Painted August 9

Aren’t these beautiful?  Click on any image to view 100% size.


Painting a Sunset in Mayville

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Yesterday (July 8, 2017) at Mayville Watercolors every artist did stunning work!


Borrowed Matisse’s Palette Yesterday

We had such fun painting Matisse yesterday at Mayville Watercolors!

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Little Red Boat

Little Red Boat Study, 7.5 x 10.5″ watercolor on paper.  Demo in this week’s class at Mayville Watercolors (

We made cards at the depot this week

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Mayville Watercolors at the depot is filled with art!

Just a glimpse of what is going on in Mayville, NY this week:

Chautauqua Fireball

Chautauqua Fireball, 24 x 24″ acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas